Don't be afraid to conquer your fear of driving!

Many people have a fear of driving a vehicle for many different reasons. Sometimes being in a traffic collision can bring on a this phobia. Others are afraid of the thought of big trucks, drunk or careless drivers, or a lot of vehicles around them on the road.

I have been a driving instructor since 2003, and I have had many students with a natural fear of being behind the wheel. One student spent two 1 1/2 hour lessons in a parking lot, just getting used to the feel of driving a car because she was so afraid to get onto the road. (most students are on the road within 30 minutes of their first lesson.)

This student went on about 20 lessons with me over a 3 year period. She is now a licensed driver. She told me getting her drivers license was the biggest challenge she faced in her life.

Another student of mine had to pull to the curb just about every 5 minutes on the first few lessons with me because she panicked so much while driving. She went on about 10 lessons, then almost a year went by.
Her mom called and said her daughter felt ready to take her drive test. she went on one more lesson with me, then took her road test and passed the first time.

This phobia CAN be overcome

Seven Tips to help with anxiety behind the wheel

  1. Drive in areas you are most fearful at times when you feel more safe such as when there is less traffic.
  2. Don't avoid driving because your are afraid. Face it and conquer the fear, slowly one step at a time.
  3. Don't drive with someone who will make you more nervous.Take lessons from a professional driver rather than from a parent or spouse with little patience.
  4. Be well rested when you do drive.
    Studies show lack of sleep and exhaustion causes stronger emotional reactions than when well rested.
  5. Don't overload yourself on driving. Take frequent breaks and pull to a curb or parking lot when you feel your anxiety getting worse.
  6. Don't load up on junk food with sugar and caffeine before getting behind the wheel. Eating healthy will help keep your emotions in check.
  7. Try to surround yourself with friends and family who will support and encourage your efforts to conquer your  fear.

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