A quality drivers education program
is important for any new driver.

Professional drivers ed training is usually geared for new teen drivers under age 18. To meet most state requirements it includes both in class instruction and behind the wheel instruction from a licensed driving school. The average amount of class instruction is 30 hours. The average amount of behind the wheel instruction is 6 hours for state approved curriculums. Each state varies in requirements. Although most states don’t require drivers 18 or older to have taken a drivers education course, many insurance companies will still give a discount to adults who have taken such training.

Things to consider when looking for a driving school

1. The cost

The average Behind the wheel lesson costs between $60.00-$90.00 per hour

The average teen class Drivers education program costs $500.00, including BTW

2. Extra fees and costs

When inquiring about fees at any driving school don’t forget to ask about extra charges like late cancellation fees or pickup at home charges. Some driving schools will charge extra, some won’t and the extra fees will vary by school.

3. Know the laws for first time permits especially for teens

Any behind the wheel instruction will require a valid drivers permit unless it is conducted on private property only.

Most Driving schools in your state driving schools would require a drivers permit even for attending the classroom

4. Know the laws governing Driving Schools in your state

Make sure the school you choose is state certified. Be thorough in your research. A state like Oregon has state certification and ODOT certification with slight differences in licensing requirements for one and not the other.

5. Not all driving schools have an office you can go to

It is advisable to call first rather than to go the Driving school address. Some driving schools may be small enough that they have a class location open only when class is in session and do their scheduling of lessons over the phone.

6. Know the reputation of the driving school

It is helpful to ask friends who have already taken courses at driving schools in your area. They can tell you if they had a good experience or bad experience with the school they went through. If you don’t have friends that have gone through drivers ed, you may also use the internet. Type the driving school name with the word “reviews” after it. You will be surprised how many sites come up with comments from clients who have done business with that school.

7. Does the school welcome parents to observe the class or behind- the- wheel lessons?

A reputable driving school will have no problem with parents wanting to observe classroom or in-car lessons. If the instructor does discourage this it may be a red flag there is something going on they don’t want you to know.

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