Faulty alternator wiring
can cause a car explosion

A car explosion is a terrible thing to happen to anyone.

Below are some pictures of a Dodge Town and Country van that exploded minutes after the owner got out of the vehicle.

She had just driven away from a shop that
installed a new alternator in the van.
The van had problems starting after they installed it.

The mechanic took it back into the shop
and thought he got the problem fixed.

Within ten minutes of driving away the van started
overheating to the point the steering wheel got too hot.
The owner pulled over and called 911.

While she was talking to the 911 operator the van Exploded.

You can see the majority of the impact was on the left side by where all the paint is basically melted off.

This is the side where the alternator was.

The three pictures below are where the dash board melted.

You can tell it went deep and even left an image of an angry face! :/

Below is the right floor board under the dash.
Notice part of the inside of the dash melted to the floor!

This is the grill on the outside below the windshield.
You can see how it is disconnected from the hood.

To the left below is the charred engine and to the right is the battery that was burned and melted (but not exploded).

Since the explosion happened at the alternator I didn't get a picture of it.

I think the lesson here is, first make sure your mechanic knows correct alternator wiring otherwise your vehicle might be the victim of a car explosion too!

If you install alternators, make sure you know what you are doing or this could be the result.

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