Angle parking is so easy,
it takes very little practice to learn

If you have a choice between angle parking or perpendicular parking, especially at the end of a drive test, it is best to choose an angled stall because it is the easiest parking to master.

For safety it is best to pull through a stall so you can head out rather than back out, avoiding the bigger blind spot behind, however most rows of angled parking stalls go one direction. you would have to make a tight "V" turn to go the correct direction which would be difficult to do if there are cars parked on both sides when you pull through to park.

Notice in the pictures , the mirror is just above the first parking stall line of the stall being entered. The left picture is a Toyota Echo, the right picture is a Dodge Caravan.

This is where you want to see the mirror when entering an angled parking stall, to get in the center of it. It is so easy, most people don't need much practice at all.

Here is the reference point on parking in an angled stall to the left. The picture to the left is the Caravan, the right picture is a Toyota Corolla

The mirror is generally in the same spot on all vehicles.
With a longer hood, you may see the mirror a little further ahead.

click here for reverse angle parking

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