Driving is an awesome responsibility and a tremendous privilege. One I have always taken seriously, even before becoming a driving instructor.

Hi, I'm Colleen

I was a stay at home wife and mom for twelve years.
Then I found myself needing to work outside the home when my husband left our family.
For about three months my friend and I would sit in her house, trying to come up with ideas about what kind of work I could do and enjoy. (I don't have the talent for many jobs).

Then one night sitting at my friends table I said "I would love to be a driving instructor. I'm going to call Sears Driving School tomorrow!"
My friends response: "go for it!"

That I did, Sears Driving School was hiring, They scheduled an interview for me over the phone.
Within two weeks I was in training, and two months later I was a certified Driving Instructor.

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Because there were so many students needing instructors, and so few instructors at that time, I went solo with my first student a couple weeks sooner than my supervisor would have liked.

She told me "Don't be too discouraged if your first drive doesn't go too well". The teens name was Eric.
I believe it was his first drive with a drive instructor (I didn't tell him he was my first student).

My employer and trainer is one of the best driving instructors in the U.S.
I studied hard the habits and techniques she taught me. It was exciting for me to be sitting next to my first student, teaching him how to drive.

At the end of the lesson I went back to the office.
The receptionists asked how the lesson went. I said I thought it went great.
My boss was still concerned I wasn't trained well enough yet. Later that day Erics mom called.... (uhoh!)
She said she was calling to say Eric really enjoyed the lesson with me!
My bosses response: "Well she DID say the lesson went great."!

Every student I have had since Eric has been an exciting adventure for me. From the drive where a bird flew into the grill of the car with two teens, to the eighty year old, slapping her knee, driving a little over the speed limit on the highway saying "this is fun!"

I can't think of a lesson I have given over the last six years I didn't enjoy. I sometimes have a headache before I start a lesson, but once I'm in the passenger seat and my student starts driving, my headache goes away almost immediately.

I sincerely hope on this website I can be a help and encouragement to all those who are looking for driving tips to be a safer driver, or to help someone else learn to drive whether that would be your teen or an adult friend learning to drive.

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Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, may you be honored in all the content of this site. May all it's visitors be blessed with safety in their driving. May the information here be a help and blessing to all visitors. May the webmaster be guided by you in wisdom in how to build this website. May you bless this work that it be profitable in all ways for all, by your mercy in Christ Jesus amen.

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